Barn Swallows are back!


Barn Swallows (landsvale) at SDU 17/4/2014 close to entrance B/C.

Barn Swallows (landsvale) spotted at SDU 17/4/2014 close to entrance B/C. Photo: Jennifer Lynch

On the 17th of April, after visiting some nest boxes in the southern part of the woods I spotted my first Barn Swallows (landsvale) of the year flying low over the fields next to the university in Odense. As I had been carrying out daily checks of their usual nesting spots, with the attempt of recording the precise day they returned, I was eagerly awaiting their return! After spotting this individual close to entrance N I headed down along the underpass near entrance B/C where they usually nest. This appears to be a favourite spot, and I was happy to find two Barn Swallows sitting on a large circular air vent chattering away. The “twittering warble” is very typical and continued for some time!

In total I spotted 3 individuals, who will hopefully soon start building new nests or refurbishing old nests in preperation for egg laying. This year I signed up as a volunteer nest recorder for a Barn Swallow project run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, so I will be regularly monitoring the birds behaviour over the next few months. The study aims to look at the effects of artificial light on Barn Swallow breeding and is run in connection with Globe at Night. If anyone is interested in coming along to find out more about Barn Swallows, please get in touch via Facebook at the SDU Birds page. Or if you would like to send any observations, please do so via Facebook too!

About sdubirds

A citizen science project set up to monitor breeding birds in nest boxes in the woods surrounding the University of Southern Denmark (Odense).
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