No holidays for the birds!

Many females, both Great tits and Blue tits have begun incubating eggs in the nest boxes around the woods during the Easter break. The majority of boxes appear to be occupied, with nests, and a large proportion of these have eggs. It looks like we are going to have a busy season, especially when it comes to ringing when the chicks start hatching! The females will incubate the eggs for 13-15 days and both species attempt to time the hatching of the chicks with a peak in food availability (mainly small green caterpillars). It will be really interesting to see how things progress over the next few weeks. Here are some photos taken recently in the woods by our team of nest monitors. Keep up the great work everyone!

Anja Maria Liljenström‎_1

The birds breding in this box decided to use cigarette buts to lune their nests, an interesting form of recycling! Photo: Anja Maria Liljenström‎

Owen Jones_1

10 Great tit eggs, in a nest lined with roe deer hair. Photo: Owen Jones

Simeon Smeele_1

A female Blue tit, with blue head and white forehead, incubates her eggs in a nest lined with Wood Pigeon feathers. Photo: Simeon Smeele


Sara Elisabeth Nielsen_1

A large egg was discovered on bare ground nest to the base of a tree. Currently unidentified, possibly Mallard? Photo: Sara Elisabeth Nielsen

Owen Jones_3

The Roe deer in the woods are difficult to photograph, but leave nice footprints in the soft mud. Photo: Owen Jones

Owen Jones_4

A ladybird takes shelter on top of a nest box. Photo: Owen Jones


Owen Jones_2

Spring is evident on the forest floor also – possibly Oxlip (Fladkravet Kodriver). Photo: Owen Jones

Information on Oxlip in Denmark (in Danish) –


About sdubirds

A citizen science project set up to monitor breeding birds in nest boxes in the woods surrounding the University of Southern Denmark (Odense).
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